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    Over the years, Adam and the team has been providing high quality decking, pergolas to clients in Geelong and across the Surf Coast region in Victoria.

     We pride ourselves on premium customer services and ability to complete projects on time, and efficiently, whilst offering a wide variety of different decking options for your outdoor living areas.

    Whether it’s composite, or timber decks, we have the solution to fit your budget and needs!

    Composite Decking

    We are committed to providing high-quality services, and we ensure that we supply and install products by ourselves, ensuring a premium quality every time.

    Composite decking also referred to as plastic decking, is the third most commonly used flooring material for our customers. Many contractors and homeowners prefer plastic decking over other floors because it requires no oiling, it resists termites, and it doesn’t rot, therefore easy to maintain.

    Timber Decking

    An excellent decking provides the right atmosphere in your garden and creates extra space for your outdoor seating. Our team of contractors is committed to providing you with a variety of timber decking services like hardwood decking, softwood decking, and composite decking.

    Pool Decking

    Geelong Decking has been providing pool decking services to residential and commercial homeowners. Our experts create pool decks that make swimming pools look stylish.
    Our technicians have a lot of competence in installing and maintaining decks around new and existing pools. We guarantee to install a pool decking that is attractive and long-lasting. 

    High Quality Pergola

    Verandahs and Pergolas

    Our team have plenty of experience in constructing pergolas and verandahs for customers who are looking to extend their home and protect themselves against the harsh elements whilst still enjoying outdoor living.

    The main difference between a pergola and a verandah is that a pergola is not attached to the home. Both are structures that are designed to host family and friends in your patio area, with a verandah boasting an enclosed gable roof.

    We are experts in building pergolas for both residential and commercial homeowners in the Geelong and Surf Coast region.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much Will A New Deck Cost to construct?

    A range of  factors will affect the total outlay of your deck:

    • Size of the area you plan to build on
    • Type of material you use (timber/softwood/hardwood/ composite)
    • If you include a balustrade, verandahs and pergolas or stairs
    • Foundations to be constructed on (soil type can affect this)
    • Council permits (if any)
    • If the area is elevated/ slanted then this can create challenges in the built and add further expense/ labour costs

    Most customers will normally see costs of around

    • $200/m2 for treated pine decks
    • $320+ /m2 for hardwood timber
    • $350+ /m2 for composite
    • $800+ /m2 for deck with roofing and/or stairs
    • $1000+ for elevated cyclone rated decking

    Is decking cheaper than paving?

    The overall cost of labour and materials for constructing decking is lower than that of paving. However, the maintenance cost of pavers is less than decks. Pavers will have a longer lifespan with very little maintenance required for paver slabs for patios, whereas decking does require maintenance as discussed above.

    How much does a pergola cost?

    The average pergola will cost around $2,700 per m2, with a low end pergola costing $20,000. A mid range pergola will cost you approx $35,000 with a higher end costing anywhere up to $55,000.

    How long will my decking last?

    The lifespan of decks depends on the type on the types of materials. For instance, softwood decks will last up to 15 years or sometimes more, while hardwood decking can last up to 20 years. However, the important thing is the deck substructure. Timber rails can last up 25 years when treated and maintained.

    How do you fix scratches on a decking?

    Both timber and composite can scratch, though the tendency is higher in wood than in composite. Moving furniture or heavy play is the primary cause of scratches on decking boards. The solution varies with the manufacturer and type of scratches.
    While scratches might make your deck ugly, it is advisable not to repair them because, over time, they blend in with the rest of the deck. However, your composite deck has a noticeable scratch use a soldering iron to level the scratch as well as blend it with other parts of the deck.
    You can also touch up small scratches, and scuffs using a tough-up concealer.
    For wood deck boards, you can paint or stain the deck.
    For heavier scratches or substantial damage on the deck, a replacement me be required.

    Is it possible to restore the decking colour?

    Decking will lose its colour over time. But it is easy to restore colour if the deck with a new lick of paint and sealer to protect it… However, the selection of the paint matters:

    • Oil or paraffin paints are a better option if you don’t want the wood decks to absorb moisture and soak up with water.
    • Paint using one that has UV blockers to preventing fading or loss of colour from your decks.
    • To protect your decks from wood-eating bugs, use paints laced with insecticides.

    If you choose to restore the colour of your deck, ensure that use a stain-blocking oil or an alkyd primer before painting.

    And when you apply the paint, use a paint roller or pump-style sprayer. Ensure you get an even coat while painting.