Timber Decking

Timber Decking
We provide a variety of timber decking services like hardwood decking, softwood decking, and composite decking.

An excellent decking provides the right atmosphere in your garden and creates extra space for your outdoor seating.

Some decks, such as those made of timbers, can crack and fade if they are not appropriately maintained. Geelong Decking provides timber decking services to both residential and commercial homeowners, and consults with you to see which materials would suit your specific requirements.
Timber decking provides a warm, homely feeling to your outdoor space, making it welcoming for your family and visitors. At Geelong Decking, we design, install and also provide any follow up to cost-effectively maintain the timber deck.

Timber decking can be used in different ways.  Traditionally, outdoor decking was done on verandahs to provide outdoor living space.

Nowadays, timber decking can be used for outdoor rooms, creating floors around swimming pools, and flooring over cracked concrete. At Geelong Decking, our contractors are conversant with installing and maintaining timber decks in a manner that fits your styles.

Types of Decking Timber
The following is a summary of the types of timber decking we offer.

  • Hardwood decking

Hardwood is the most popular decking material all over the world. The common species of hardwood decking include blackbutt decking, spotted gum decking, and merbau decking.
Note that all the species of hardwood decking are durable and last between 25-30 years.

  • Treated pine decking

Treated pine decking is the second commonly used materials in decking and can last between 10-15 years.

Why Geelong Decking?
Geelong Decking contractors are the most competent and experienced experts in deck design, installation, and maintenance. Before we build your deck, we ensure that you understand various deck plans and materials to make an informed choice.
At Geelong Decking, we have highly experienced carpenters who understand what it takes to install a quality deck. All our team members are licensed and insured to work in Victoria.
Whether you need a sun deck, a patio, or an outdoor room, we review a suitable outdoor structure before we recommend it.

In case you need timber or composite decking services, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation

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