Verandahs and Pergolas

High Quality Pergola

A pergola or verandah is an outdoor structure that provides a sitting area where you can enjoy breeze and sunlight while being protected from adverse weather conditions.
At Geelong Decking, our team of specialists have years experience in the design and construct of beautiful pergolas for customers around Geelong.
We pride ourselves on high-quality services that have amazing results to our clients. We are experts in building pergolas for both residential and commercial homeowners in the Geelong area who are looking to renovate their garden verandah.

Before we construct a verandah our patio builders examine your home, and based on the garden or water view, they install a house in an area where you can get maximum enjoyment.
If you want to maximize your view, your pergola should be constructed in the right location. Our experts can install a pergola that merges your entertainment area with your interior room.
To make your pergola look stylish, we add some plants, create outdoor lighting, and put in place ceiling fans.
Note that Geelong Decking contractors design and install pergolas with the following features.

  • Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is vital in setting the mood for your patio. We place the outdoor lighting in the patio ceiling or on the floor of the timber deck.

  • Outdoor kitchens

Our pergola builders can construct an outdoor kitchen that includes sinks, storage cupboards, and a bar fridge.

  • Outdoor stairs

Where possible, we can construct outdoor stairs to enhance convenience in your movements.
Why need a pergola?
A pergola forms an essential part of your outdoors, and it can enhance the value of your home. At Geelong Decking, we install a beautiful and robust pergola that will make your outdoor living enjoyable.
A well-built pergola will provide you the best atmosphere where you can entertain guests with food and drinks. Our team of estimators can show you our range of different pergola options and materials, and we believe we can install unique kiosks for you.

All our carpenters are fully trained, insured, and licensed to work on any project in Victoria and other areas in Australia.
So if you are thinking about a new pergola in your garden or pool deck, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

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